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ADA Accessibility

Marshall Health Network Arena is fully compliant with the American with Disabilities Act. Information on accessibility can be found below.

Accessible Seating & Ticketing:
Wheelchair accessible seating and semi-ambulatory seating are located in the arena.

Please identify yourself as a disabled guest upon purchasing tickets. One (1) companion/escort may accompany a disabled guest into designated seating areas.

Any questions and/or concerns should be directed to the Marshall Health Network Arena Box Office at 304.696.5990 Ext. 3510.

ADA Seating:
If a patron needs an accessible (ADA) seating location, but has purchased a ticket that is not designated as an accessible (ADA) seating location, the patron should call the Marshall Health Network Arena Box Office at 304.696.5990 Ext. 3510 for proper arrangements.

Accessible (ADA) Seating Relocation Policy:
Please call several days before an event to be relocated to accessible seating. Please be aware that while ASM Global will attempt to accommodate you however possible, we cannot guarantee that there will be an available relocation seat for you. ASM Global is not responsible for ticket sales for some events, and we cannot guarantee the availability of additional seats at events, particularly those events that are sold out. If you encounter an issue during an event with your ticket or seating, please visit the Marshall Health Network Arena Box Office.

Accessible Parking:
For information about accessible parking for an event, please refer to the event information page for that specific event.

Food Allergies:
If you require specific foods due to an allergy, please contact the Marshall Health Network Arena before the event date for accommodations. Guests can call the Marshall Health Network Arena Box Office at 304.696.5990.

Hearing Assistance:
Complimentary hearing assistance devices are available upon request. Identification is required in order to check out the device. Identification will be returned to the patron upon return of the device following the event.

Sign language interpreters can be arranged by the ADA Facilitator. Please allow at least ten (10) business days to fulfill this request (see contact info for ADA Facilitator below).

Guests with Visual Impairments/Service Animals:
Trained guide dogs, signal dogs, or service animals assisting guests with disabilities are permitted inside the Marshall Health Network Arena. Please identify such animals to ticket takers upon entry.

The ADA Facilitator can be contacted at 304.942.9507 or Requests for aid and service should be made at least ten (10) business days prior to event. The ADA Facilitator may be unable to fill a request if made less than ten (10) business days prior to event.

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